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Consultation for Care

If you feel you need more information about how Chiropractic, Soft Tissue Therapy, and Functional Rehab can assist you, a consultation can bridge that gap. This will consist of a conversation between you and Dr. Katie to determine what services she offers that will best fulfill your needs and set clear expectations for care.


This can happen over the phone or in person.


Please allot 15 minutes for this appointment.


Adult Initial Visit

A new patient appointment will consist of a thorough examination, diagnosis, and treatment. The examination will consist of a detailed history gathered via intake forms, a comprehensive movement screen, and orthopedic/neurologic tests specific to any areas of complaint. Please wear gym attire if possible to allow for greater motion. Radiographic Imaging may be recommended prior to your first adjustment based on exam findings. 


Please allot 1 hour for this appointment.


Adult Follow-Up Visits

Appointments will consist of hands-on and face-to-face time with Dr. Katie. She strives to provide each individual patient with the best care and treatment necessary to achieve their optimum health. This means that in addition to adjustments, you may also receive hands-on manual therapy, therapeutic exercise instruction, cupping, or any of the other variety of services she offers.



Please allot 30 minutes for this appointment.


Pediatric (under 12) Initial Visit

Why might a baby or child need care? Many reasons, but here are just a few. 

- Intra-uterine constraints

- Recovery from birth (forceps, vacuum, forceful delivery, Cesarean Section)

- Ear infections, Constipation, Colic, etc.

- Nursing or taking a bottle on only one side 

- Falls / learning to walk 

- Retained Primitive Reflexes

- Movement patterns are not equal on both sides of the body (they only like rolling to a certain side, crawl more with a certain arm or leg, etc.) 

Pediatric adjustments do NOT resemble adult adjustments. They are low velocity within a strict range of motion that is appropriate to the child's age and development. Think the amount of pressure you would apply to a tomato to check for ripeness.


Please allot 45 minutes for this appointment.


Pediatric (Under 12) Follow-Up Visits

This appointment is much quicker than an adults appointment, but will consist of adjustments based upon motion palpation findings as well as manual therapy if tension is detected. The adjustments are low velocity within a strict range of motion that is appropriate to the child's age and development. 


Please allot 15 minutes for this appointment.


Re-Examinations | New Conditions

To ensure that you are making progress with care, a re-examination will be conducted at the end of your treatment plan or 60 days from the start of treatment, whichever comes first. This allows Dr. Katie to adapt (increase or decrease) your treatment plan based upon your presentation and functionality.

Adult Re-Exam: $100

Pediatric Re-Exam: $75

Please allot 1 hour for this appointment.

New Condition Exams will occur if Dr. Katie has not seen you in over 3 months or if a new injury that is not currently being treated arises. If any trauma has occurred, a new set of x-rays in the areas to be treated are expected.

Adult New Conditions: $100

Pediatric New Conditions: $75

Please allot 1 hour for this appointment.

Insurance Policy

While Dr. Katie does not participate with insurance companies, she does provide Superbills so that you can submit your claims to be reimbursed based on your individual insurance plan. 



Other forms of accepted payment:

- Cash, Check, Venmo/Cash App/Apple Pay, Credit or Debit Cards

Sliding Scale Available

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