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Local Resources

Throughout your care I will recommend books, people in our community, information from intellectuals online, supplements, and many other things that I believe will either enhance your care or help you optimize your health. Below are those resources in a consolidated place for easy reference. It's time we actually build that village everyone talks about!

The Village

These are professionals in our community that have a passion for helping within their respective fields. I have either personally utilized their services, or they come highly recommended from my patients.


Instagram Accounts worth following*:

@mommy.labornurse, @thebreastfeedingmentor, @builttobirth, @awerkingmama, @2lifedoula, @transformingtoddlerhood, @nurturedfirst

* I like to approach information online in a "take what works for me and leave the rest," fashion. I suggest you do the same when it comes to parenting. There's a ton of information out there, but it doesn't all work for everyone otherwise someone would've created a parenting manual by now. Learn to enjoy the journey of becoming a parent. It's more fun that way!

Online Resources


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